Posted by Admin | November 19th, 2011

Everyone who has to go in for surgery wants to know that their surgeon has a steady hand, a learned mind, and an accomplished background. Dr. Susan Lim is a surgeon based in Singapore who has received quite a reputation due to the high quality of her work and her career accomplishments.

Dr. Susan Lim is a well respected surgeon in her home country of Singapore as well as in Asia generally. This is because in 1990 she successful conducted the continent’s first liver transplant. Dr. Lim was raised in Singapore, she attended the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and later on the Raffles Institution. Under the Colombo Plan she was able to receive a scholarship in 1974 which she used to go study medicine at Monash University in Australia.

Dr. Susan Lim was the founder of a company specializing in biotechnology called Stem Cell Technology—she founded the company in 2003. In 2004, she became a Fellow at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Dr. Susan Lim, her husband, and a mutual friend of theirs established a charity called the Indiapore Trust whose main function was and is to provide educational opportunities to students and prospective students in the South-Pacific Asian region. Indiapore has thus far provided a science lab to the Raffles Junior College, as well as many scholarships to children in Singapore and India.